Inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and natural heritage woven into the culture of our region

Balance Mediterranean Spa, an integral part of the Lift Up - Stress Free program, is completely inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and natural heritage woven into the culture of our region. The Mediterranean way of life as the foundation of the brand's philosophy is reflected through all the elements in the space - the ambience, cosmetic lines, specially created rituals and treatments and individual programs.

The unique atmosphere is enriched by DeStress Signature Treatments and Stress Relief Rituals, which record the history and philosophy of quality and relaxed life in the Mediterranean, so much needed today by the modern businessman. The treatments use organic cosmetics from local and renowned international manufacturers, derived from medicinal and soothing Mediterranean herbs with top-quality cosmetic ingredients.

Surely you can already imagine the beauty of the Center and feel the relaxing atmosphere that exudes space. However, with all the above elements, the greatest value of the entire wellness and quality Stress Free Program is certainly made up of people, top therapists, lovers of the profession and the climate in which they live. They themselves understand, accept and live the Stress Free Culture implemented in their own organization and transfer such energy to clients during the provision of services.



Embark on a journey through time and experience our region through a mosaic of historical and natural traces. Each of our rituals is a story, and each is interpreted through a carefully designed palette of sensations, movements and scents. Choose the one you prefer, indulge in a new dimension of wellness and discover the authentic side of our destination that you will long remember


The nature contained in the fine textures of essential oils that we use in massages absorbs into all the pores of your skin and relaxes your body and mind.


Give your face the care and protection that will deeply nourish it and defend it from the harmful effects of the environment. The cosmetics created as a combination of nature and science will provide your skin with a feeling of softness, lightness and regeneration. The abundance of organic ingredients balances your skin with nature and draws the best out of it.


Body skin, as well as facial skin, requires care and attention. Targeted treatments using special massage techniques and certified organic products, rich in hydrating and beneficial nutrients, will regenerate, tone and deeply nourish your skin.


For a healthy and well-groomed look, beauty treatments include manicures and pedicures, as well as waxing. The classic or spa variant of caring for your hands and / or feet and beautifully shaped nails are a reflection of caring for your body. Achieve the smoothness of your skin with ready-made painless waxing with LYCON wax, which ensures top results. It has a low temperature, it is extremely elastic and gentle, it has a nourishing and soothing effect on the skin, and depilation is a pleasant experience on even the most sensitive parts of the body.


The imaginative and playful product textures, scented with vanilla, strawberries and chocolate, will make the treatments even more fun, while organic ingredients, such as honey and almond oil, will nourish delicate children skin. The cosmetics are dermatologically tested and contain no parabens, silicones, sulphates, mineral oils, alcohol or phenoxyethanol.


Specially designed intensive facial care and rejuvenation treatments that bring top results to your skin through an individual approach. Ideal for alleviating the first signs of aging, reducing wrinkles, improving skin tone and restoring the skin's healthy, fresh and well-groomed appearance.


For your complete Spa sunbathing experience in a comfortable standing solarium based on modern lamp technology that stimulates the production of collagen and vitamin D in your skin, soothing music will relax you and an irresistible water mist will refresh you. Sunbathing will be a pleasure for all the senses and your skin will glow.