Feel the Balance 

The area of Poreč is incredibly rich in historical and natural heritage that you can experience in so many different ways ... By visiting the place, listening to the story, but you will feel the real synergy with this climate with emotion... movement... scents... stories... You will feel Poreč with a mosaic of historical and natural traces, through our Signature rituals, carefully designed to evoke the very essence of the heritage of this region. Each of our rituals has its own story that you can experience in the Balance Center with a palette of enchanting sensations, movements and scents. This story continues with the exploration of Poreč itself, because you can find inspiration for each of our carefully designed rituals on an interactive map. Embark on the adventure of Feel The Balance and explore Poreč with all your senses...

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An exclusive ritual that includes an exfoliation, bath, body and facial massage and deeply relaxes the body, mind and soul through the synergy of aromatherapeutic effects and the top-notch Tranquillity product. The ritual celebrates the beginning of tourism in Poreč marked by the Phantasy yacht sailing into the port of Poreč in 1866. You can also sail into your own tourist adventure by giving your body peace and preparing it for new and complete experiences to come.

The Austrian shipping company Lloyd from Trieste opened in 1844 its touristic route including Poreč. Already in 1845 the first tourist guide was printed with descriptions and pictures of the city. The city was discovered by the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy in 1866, when the Austrian archduchess Stephanie presented the city to the general public by sailing to Poreč harbor on her yacht Phantasy. Karl Stephan, the archduke and the archduchess Maria Theresia of Austria spent their holiday in Poreč in 1867 while Karl Ludwig came in 1868. The oldest hotel as well as a symbol of the history of Poreč tourism is Riviera, built in 1910. Later on, Parentino and other hotels were built.


The ritual was envisioned as a homage to the most valuable cultural legacy of Poreč - the Basilica. It includes an exfoliation, bath and massage with certified Sacred nature organic products rich in nutrients that hydrate, regenerate and protect the face and body. Your body is a temple, so give it the care it deserves.


The Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč is one of the most beautiful and preserved cultural properties of the early Byzantine art in the Mediterranean area. Built in the 6th century at the site of an early Christian church, at the time of the Bishop Euphrasius and the Emperor Justinian I, it is located in the bishopric complex. In 1997 it was registered on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This gold plated temple has inspired a special ritual that will take care of your body, your temple, as Poreč does of its most valuable cultural and historical heritage.

AUTHENTIC RITUALS inspired by History

AUTHENTIC RITUALS inspired by History


A hedonistic ritual inspired by Antiquity that will take you back in history and allow you to enjoy the allure of this decadent era. The treatment begins by applying a creamy exfoliant to the skin, followed by a wine bath and rounded off with a body and facial massage using grapes, which boost skin regeneration and rejuvenation. After the treatment, the skin feels soft, tight and silky-smooth.


It used to be the beating heart of the ancient Roman Parentium, today Poreč, an ancient monument that connects west and east parts of the old city. In the most beautiful street in Poreč there are art galleries and some interesting nooks and alleys ready to be discovered which have kept their ancient names given two thousand years ago.


Years of Venetian rule have inspired the conception of this ritual, which provides a lavish experience of times gone by through pure luxury in the form of gold. The treatment begins with an exfoliation and a body and facial massage using regenerative oil and adding pure gold. The rich anti-ageing formula is used for a sumptuous body and facial massage that makes the skin velvety soft by giving it a golden sheen.


The Palace from 1473 can be seen while walking along the old town center with its splendid stone facade built in floral Gothic. The facade of this two-storey Palace is embellished by single and triple lancet windows. Built during the rule of the Republic of Venice, it belonged to some rich Venetian families.


The Parenzana Energy Path ritual provides deep body regeneration and remineralisation after exertion. By stimulating the energy flow and relaxing the body, it offers a pleasant sensation and restores vitality with an exfoliation and a mineral-enriched body mask accompanied by soothing massage motions. Thank your body for its service by providing it with the necessary regeneration and vitality. This ritual was inspired by the strong economic development and renewal of Istria during Austro-Hungarian rule.


The period of Austro – Hungarian rule in Poreč was denoted with Parenzana, an old railway track of Poreč that passes through Peškera, then the center of Poreč and continues along the idyllic and picturesque landscapes of Karojba, Rakotule, Vižinada, Motovun..Nowadays, it is favorite among hikers and cyclists because of its memorable views and experiences of green Istria.


An exceptionally beneficial treatment that uses pindas stuffed with Mediterranean aromatic herbs and doused in warm mixtures of base and essential oils and celebrates the benefits of lavender, which has been used for health purposes, body care and relaxation since time immemorial. It arrived in our region from Italy and has made its way into almost every pore of our existence. Surrender yourself to the scent of lavender and enjoy the benefits that it brings.


At the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century Poreč started to spread outside the city walls which takes the name «FORA LE PORTE» and comprises some regular streets with harmonious buildings among which is the Town Hall, highlighted by its Mediterranean architecture. The Town Hall was built in 1910. as per the project designed by architect Arduino Berlam from Trieste.

AUTHENTIC RITUALS inspired by Nature

AUTHENTIC RITUALS inspired by Nature

Discover your own photo story linked to our natural rituals...grab the movement of the wind, the strength of the sea or the beauty of the lavender and share it on our social networks...


A ritual inspired by the energy and warmth of Mediterranean culture and the amenities of the Adriatic Sea. The massage therapist employs special techniques and motions that create the energy of waves and provide an aromatic full-body massage with Mediterranean oils, complemented with a backmassage with Adriatic stones.


The massage concept was inspired by several ancient civilisations that left their mark in our region. The scents of Mediterranean, Oriental, Arabic and Indian culture provide a treasure trove of ancient knowledge and a unique philosophy aimed at life and health. Choose one of the characteristic oils and immerse yourself in an exfoliation and full-body massage.


Inspired by the traditional use of olives and olive oil in Istria since Antiquity, this is a 100% organic ritual that includes a gentle and light body exfoliation and a massage with olive-pomace oil rich in antioxidants and minerals. The ritual has an anti-ageing effect and hydrates and protects the skin from external influences.

AUTHENTIC RITUALS inspired by History

AUTHENTIC RITUALS inspired by Nature