Body skin, as well as facial skin, requires care and attention. Targeted treatments using special massage techniques and certified organic products, rich in hydrating and beneficial nutrients, will regenerate, tone and deeply nourish your skin.

Thermal Mud, 60'

A thermal mud treatment that enables body drainage and detox, while keeping cellulite at bay.

Light Legs, 60'

A successful treatment for cellulite and fluid retention that immediately makes you feel light on your feet.

Body Active, 50'

An intensive anti-cellulite treatment that firms the body and skin with special massage techniques and wooden rollers.

Firming & New Mum, 60'

Intended for anyone wishing to improve their skin tone, elasticity and hydration - also perfect for new mothers.

Mediterranean Sunrise, 60'

A sea-salt body exfoliation and a facial and body massage with antioxidant-enriched oil that prepares the skin for sun exposure and provides hydration.

Mediterranean Sunset, 50'

A completely natural organic olive lotion, which is perfect for deep and intensive skin hydration after sun exposure.

Cellulite Attack Massage, 25'

Intensively stimulates the microcirculation and boosts the elimination of cellulite deposits. The skin becomes tight, smooth and well-toned.

Lymphatic Drainage Device, 45'

A machine treatment that boosts cellulite elimination, waist reduction, tissue vascularity and oedema removal.


Regenerate and deeply nourish your skin and relax your body and mind with Balance signature peels and baths. Sea salt and organic aromatic essential oils are some of the ingredients that will imbue your entire body with the feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

Mediterranean Organic Body Scrub 30'
A sea salt and aromatic essential oil body exfoliation with organic Mediterranean herbs as the main ingredient that regenerates, deeply nourishes and protects the skin, mind and body.
Sweet Organic Body Scrub 30'

A sweet body exfoliation in soothing scented oil followed by the application of moisturising body lotion.

Mediterranean bath 30'
A relaxing salt bath enriched with the essential oils of rosemary, pine and sage.
Tranquility bath 30'
A unique blend of the essential oils of sweet orange and cedar in a scented bath that relaxes the entire body.
Organic Oil bath 30'
A relaxing bath providing the option of one or a combination of organic Mediterranean oils - refresh, relax, sensual and spirit.